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content creation + influencer marketing 

Challenge: ok ok helped launch the new product, HUM 2, and establish cohesive feminine-forward content strategy for social media and website imagery.

Strategy: ok ok created sophisticated content and influencer marketing promotion to an audience of over 78K via @sunnny.daze and @mccartergetshigh.

Results: ok ok secure more than 500 new Instagram followers and brand customers for HUM, establishing them as a reliable battery in an inconsistent online marketplace.

Impact: HUM recently announced a racial justice collaboration with the Last Prisoner Project to donate a portion of proceeds towards getting cannabis prisoners out of incarceration.

Our Client’s Take:

“The team at OK OK is the best! They put in the effort and yield results. Be sure to check them out if you are looking for quality brand promotion.” – Christopher Michaud, Chief Executive Officer

BIPOC-owned business

Challenge: Launch the brand in a flooded marketplace, present a cohesive brand that dispensaries will find appealing and a good fit for their stores, shelves and customers.

Strategy: Create classic and approachable content for social media to attract new followers and consumers. Establish a brand identity for customers to relate to.

Results: Helped secure a dedicated Instagram following of more than 250 people in two months.

Impact: Gentleman Quinn’s blunts were picked up in two dispensaries around Denver, including Simply Pure, a black-owned dispensary in LoHi.

Our Client’s Take:

“OK OK Creative is a pair of incredibly talented and creative cannabis marketing professionals. They helped launch my brand and build a roadmap for my social media footprint. Knowledgeable, consistent and an incredible networking partner, I can go on for hours about this group.” – Jarell Wall, founder of Gentleman Quinn’s

content creation + influencer marketing 

goals: support new product launch + drive online sales

content creation + influencer marketing 

goals: product education + brand building 

content creation + influencer marketing 

goals: build content portfolio + build brand awareness in CO

content creation + social media management

goals: build community + revamp brand persona