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we wouldn’t be where we are today without social media.

we are grateful for its powerful ability to foster connection, locally and globally, and provide access to information to people of all backgrounds. it has undoubtedly had a monumental impact on how far the cannabis industry has progressed in the past decade. fun fact, it’s also how we first met!

social media’s greatest strength is its power to foster community.

real human connection (even through virtual means) brings immense value to our lives. we are passionate about the work we do helping brands find creative ways to build their own communities, both digitally and in person. not only does a sense of community have the potential to impact someone’s life for the better, it also helps build brand loyalty more honestly and effectively. our community-driven approach leads to real engagement, happier customers, and social growth both online and locally.

strategy is key.

social media accounts can be overwhelming and time consuming to manage while running the rest of your business. we’re here to help with that! with five years of combined experience in the cannabis marketing space in Colorado, we have observed the best practices for helping both brands and influencers grow their presence on social media as organically as possible. we are also everyday consumers ourselves and are able to.

values matter.

we believe that our work can be meaningful if we stay true to our values at every step along the way, and we aim to work with partners and clients who share similar values. we strive to work with businesses that actively empower the under represented and to find creative ways to incorporate social justice issues into our work as much as possible.

ok ok creative marijuana influencers
ok ok creative marijuana influencers

our team rocks.

we’re small but mighty!

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Whitney Adrian


after moving to Colorado upon graduating from Elon University in 2015, Whitney inevitably got involved in the cannabis industry within the year. before moving, she had been a consumer of cannabis for several years, using it for a variety of therapeutic reasons – relief from social anxiety, depression, and the everyday stress of being a teenager/college student. landing in Colorado helped her access the plant that provided relief, as well as the mountains she was ready to hike and ski.

she ended up taking a leap into the cannabis space, despite some initial pushback from friends and family back on the east coast. though she started in ad sales at the cannabis media startup she worked at, she quickly realized her passion for the consumer marketing side of things. after getting pulled into several shoots for clients that were looking for females to be represented in their content, she found her niche: helping cannabis brands create branded content and social media strategies that keep it real with consumers. inspired by other women ‘going public’ with their love for cannabis on Instagram and seeing an opportunity to pursue her passion for cannabis, as well as another past love, photography, she created her @sunnny.daze account to share her message: that cannabis consumers can live a healthy, active, productive life.

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Emily McCarter


anyone who’s interacted with McCarter for more than three seconds will tell you that she is one big, bold ball of energy. her enthusiastic, upbeat personality is amplified even more so when she gets on the topic of cannabis. she is passionate about contributing to the destigmatization of this plant that provides her with relief from anxiety, especially after observing and experiencing injustices surrounding the plant in her home state of Missouri. she knew she needed to relocate to a cannabis-friendly state to settle down after college, so she headed to Boulder, CO after graduating.

with a degree in creative writing, McCarter originally set out to pursue a career in journalism. she started writing about Denver’s music scene for 303 Magazine and Westword off the bat. she realized how much the local cannabis scene needed coverage and wanted to start writing about the plant, but she was met with pushback by one of the more mainstream publications. she immediately knew she needed to find her place within the cannabis industry, and she quickly moved into a position with Grassland Agency, a PR-centric cannabis firm in Denver. she gained insight into the need for cannabis brands to have a strong social media and content marketing strategy. after collaborating on a couple of creative photoshoots pushing the message of beauty and cannabis, she began to really pursue using her instagram platform, @mccartergetshigh, to amplify her mission to help destigmatize the industry.